ClubGolf in schools

ClubGolf in primary schools is a six-week programme designed to give children aged nine a first introduction to golf in primary school. It is designed as a fun activity using colourful, modified golf equipment.

ClubGolf in primary schools is delivered to P5 children in curriculum time by class teachers or suitably trained and disclosed volunteers. Your local Active Schools Coordinator can help with training opportunities. If you are a teacher interested in finding out more, ask your Head Teacher for details.

Participating children will expect to learn some basic golfing concepts and terminology. They will receive a positive first experience of golf, and an opportunity to progress on to a ClubGolf Stage 1 programme at a local golf club or facility.


Modified junior golf equipment for schools and clubs

The junior equipment is ideal for kids and provides a method for teachers to introduce golf in a safe, fun way. 

The equipment is affordable through the Local Authority/ClubGolf funding partnership.

The ClubGolf programme is designed to run with either SNAG or Tri-Golf equipment. It is acknowledged and accepted that many schools will have access to both kits and therefore adapt a "mix-and-match" approach to sessions.


What's in the bags?


6 right-handed clubs (launchers)

1 left-handed club (launchers)

6 putters (rollers)

6 all surface tees (launch pads)

12 tee pegs

1 bullseye target

3 flag sticky targets with flags

1 rollerama target

48 balls - assorted colours

Set of resource cards and useful notes 




9 right-handed clubs

1 left-handed club

9 right-handed putters

1 left-handed putter

10 pairs of foot-tees

10 red super safe-foam balls

10 yellow super-safe foam balls

20 no bounce balls

(5 each of red, blue, yellow)

60 anti-slip marker cones plus stand

10 marker flags (various colours)

10 putting cups

20 all surface tees

Set of resource cards and useful notes




To find out more on becoming a ClubGolf deliverer in primary schools, please contact your Regional Manager by clicking here


ClubGolf in secondary schools

Following the proven success of ClubGolf in primary schools and its role in strengthening links between schools and golf clubs; we have developed resources especially for secondary schools.

As a result, in 2011 a new resource available to Secondary Schools called ClubGolf in secondary schools ' was launched. More information about the resource, training and equipment can be found in our



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