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Meet Gavin Forrester - Coaching Officer


Gavin Forrester


Coaching & Participation Officer

Sporting history:

I previously worked with Angus Council as an Active Schools coordinator and was a part-time lecturer in sport at Dundee & Angus College, where I taught subjects such as sports coaching, sports nutrition and biomechanics. In my Active Schools role, I worked in Kirriemuir to increase opportunities for primary and secondary school children to become physically active and involved in sport, managing a network of local volunteers to deliver a range of activities from football to golf, archery to cycling. I joined ClubGolf in December 2014.

What does your role involve?

I provide support and development opportunities to all ClubGolf coaches across the country. In order to achieve this I will be working with our team of five Coach Developers to support what they deliver, helping organise workshops and club visits, and just getting information out to everyone about what assistance is available.

I will also be working to provide further learning opportunities for coaches through organising coaching conferences and developing an online coaching community where coaches can access resources and share ideas.

What is ClubGolf coach development?

Once a volunteer coach completes a level one PGA qualification, we can offer further advice and learning free of charge, for instance, new ideas, new games you can introduce, the latest practice.

That’s where the Coach Developers come in.  They can visit your club or facility to meet you and find out where your strengths are, what aspects you’re happy with , what you’re not confident doing, for instance, that may be giving some technical feedback or delivering new fun games. The coach developers can then work with you to offer more support in a group or in a one-to-one situation.

This is available for all ClubGolf coaches, so if you want to know more about club visits and workshops, and want to engage with the coach developer programme, please just get in touch either with your Regional Manager or with me. We would like to hear from you to help assess and discuss your needs.

What learning opportunities are available to ClubGolf coaches?

In addition to the ClubGolf coaching pathway offering different levels of qualification courses and CPD opportunities in conjunction with the Professional Golfers Association (PGA), there are other development workshops running throughout the year.

For instance, the Games For Learning workshop offers the chance to learn new games that teach juniors the fundamental skills through challenging and exciting activities which also keep it fun.

You can book a place free of charge for workshops through the ClubGolf website. It’s worth keeping an eye on the events calendar in the ClubGolf website as more opportunities may be added during the year.

How important is coach development?

Having a sound coach development strategy is really important when looking to grow the sport.

Looking at coaching from a holistic perspective there are many areas where a coach may want to develop their skills and knowledge. These will range from learning new fun activities, improving their technical knowledge, to learning about how fitness and mind-set can influence a player’s progression and enjoyment. No matter what standard of player a coach is working with, they need the necessary skills and up to date knowledge to create the best coaching environment for juniors to enjoy the game and that will only be achieved by developing the coaching workforce. 

Having said that it’s not just about improving playing standards, it’s also about supporting the coaches and retaining them by offering new ideas and opportunities so they are challenged and want to stay on within the sport for their own personal development and enjoyment.

We want to build a network of well-trained and experienced coaches creating a first class system which challenges, motivates and inspires the next generation of young Scottish golfers to stay in the game – coach development is central to all of that.

What are your priorities in your new role?

I am looking forward to getting out and about to meet the coaches. I want to chat to as many as possible at workshops and other events, find out about their experience as a coach in ClubGolf and if there is anything else we can do to support them, for example offering support on managing behaviour and groups of juniors.

I am here to assist in the ongoing development of our coaches and will also be looking at what other training delivery and facilities, other than face-to-face sessions, we can put in place to support our ClubGolf volunteers.

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