Robbie Stewart - Coach Developer

Robbie Stewart - Coach Developer

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Robbie Stewart


Buckpool Golf Club

Golfing History:

  • Scottish PGA Trainee of the Year 1982
  • Club Pro Largs Golf Club 1983-1991, coaching residential golf weeks at Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre
  • Head Pro Cruden Bay Golf Club 1992-2010
  • Director of Golf Cruden Bay Golf Club 2010-2012
  • Director of Golf Paul Lawrie Golf Centre 2012-2014
  • Present – Owner of the Moray Golf Academy based at Buckpool Golf Club. Certified putting instructor.
  • Professional course record holder Moray Old - 65

Coaching Philosophy:

Quite simply making golf fun for all!

Strive to enhance a golfer’s enjoyment of the game by giving him a greater understanding of what he is trying to do through simple and clear advice. Will allow a golfer’s own unique swing to develop whilst maintaining a focus on sound fundamentals.

What excites you most about being a Coach Developer?

Being able to assist the volunteer coaches to provide a fun, enjoyable and safe environment for children to enjoy learning and playing golf.

Any contribution I can make that increases the number of kids playing and enjoying golf excites me.

What value do you hope to add to the volunteer coaches you meet?

To assist them to deliver more fun sessions thereby increasing the enjoyment of the kids playing golf.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Middle aged man!

Interests outside golf...

Spanish language, dog-walking, Aberdeen FC

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