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Ryan Scott


Loretto Golf Academy

Golfing History:

Having played at an elite amateur level, I joined the Professional Golfers Association in 2004 as an Assistant Professional. I successfully achieved my Degree in Professional Golf in July 2007. Since this time, I have coached at several venues across Scotland, and accumulated thousands of hours coaching golfers of many varying abilities, including Professional golfer’s competing on the Euro Pro & Challenge Tours. I was successfully awarded ’PGA Advanced Professional’ status in July 2014 by the British Professional Golfers Association (PGA) due primarily to my experiences in professional coaching and my commitment to my Continual learning. In addition, as part of my Coaching qualifications and professional development, I have completed the Golfing Machines Golf stroke Engineering Master’s (GSEB) qualification becoming one of only a handful of coaches In Scotland to have achieved this status. In addition, In September 2014, I completed a Post Graduate diploma (PGDip) in sports coaching at the University of Birmingham, as well as completing the new UKCC Level 3 qualification with the Professional Golfers Association. I have now transferred onto a (MSc) in sports coaching. As of February 2015 I will be starting coach education work for the ‘PGA in Scotland’ as a Tutor & Assessor helping induct new coaches through the PGA Level 1 qualifications.

In April 2017 I was awarded PGA fellow status by the Professional Golfers Association. In May 2017 Ryan joined the sportscotland Sports Educator team where he will be delivering Positive Coaching Scotland workshops. 

Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is very much based around the needs of the individual learner. I attempt to create a coaching environment that is challenging, fun and creative and which allows the individual learner to be open and honest in the time they spend with me. I believe in the self-discovery approach to learning, learning through experience and I attempt to be a figure head of guidance and support within this process. Above all, my philosophy takes into consideration the various ways people can learn, and the many contributing factors that enhance learning and performance in golf. Because of this, I feel I am able to provide a level of coaching that is individualised, specific and one which puts the learner first.

What excites you most about being a Coach Developer?

To have the opportunity to meet new and current ClubGolf coaches. In addition, having the opportunity to pass on what I’ve experienced and learned in coaching as a Professional coach with the hope that this can inform what others do in practice. To engage with coaches In the East region, to get to know them better in order to understand where each coach requires direct help. Furthermore, to assist directly in enhancing ClubGolf coaching and growing the game in Scotland.

What value do you hope to add to the volunteer coaches you meet?

To provide coaches with new and fresh coaching ideas through club visits and workshops opportunities, as well as providing insights into contemporary coaching practice in golf based on current evidence.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Positive, Honest, Committed

Interests outside golf...

Football & Music


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