Level 1 – ClubGolf Stage 1

The Level 1 qualification is a basic introduction to coaching that enables volunteers or Assistant Professionals to help a more qualified coach (e.g. a Golf Professional) deliver sessions to beginners. In the case where a Club has no access to a Golf Professional, this qualification will still equip volunteers to deliver ClubGolf Stage 1 coaching.

With this coaching qualification, you will be able to interpret session plans and deliver aspects of those plans, ensuring that relevant coaching points are covered and that participants are safe and engaged throughout. You will learn about communication, demonstration and positioning, as well as skills challenges and the importance of progression within a coaching session.  Once you have registered for the Level 1 course, you will receive a study and information pack, which contains all the resources you need to complete the course and gain your qualification.

From receiving this resource pack - which includes a Home Study Workbook - the course takes about five weeks to complete. During this time, you will be expected to read through the Home Study Workbook in preparation for a two-day tutor-led practical session. This will include relevant assessments of your coaching skills, as well as a 45-minute multiple choice questionnaire.

As a Level 1 Coach - you can deliver ClubGolf Stage 1 coaching to children.

There are 3 requirements to become a Level 1 Golf coach:

  1. Attend and pass the Level 1 training course delivered by the PGA
    The course is delivered over 2 full days (normally a weekend).
  2. Apply for a PVG Scheme Membership from Disclosure Scotland This can be done through your golf club.
  3. Attend a Safeguarding & Protecting Children course
    This is a 3 hour attendance based course (no assessment) run by sportscoachUK and organised by local authorities across Scotland.

Coaching Resources
All licensed coaches who successfully complete their Level 1 certificate will gain access to the ClubGolf Coach Support Hub

Ongoing Support for Coaches
The new ClubGolf Coach Support Hub will provide additional resources for all licensed coaches. ClubGolf have a team of Coach Developers offering coach support opportunities in your area. Speak to your ClubGolf Regional Manager to find out more about local opportunities.

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Looking for more support as a coach? Secure your place at our free of charge Coach Developer Workshops with a range of topics to suit you!

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If you need some inspiration, ideas and approaches to keep your ClubGolf programme on the right track, we have built up a wealth of information and inspiring stories for you to tap into and perhaps even replicate at your club.

The ClubGolf Coach Support hub is coming soon and will be accessible to all ClubGolf coaches.

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