Level 1 CPD Course– Stage 2

The Level 1 CPD course has been designed to provide qualified Level 1 golf coaches with further coaching knowledge so that they are able to deliver Stage 2 of the ClubGolf coaching programme.

This CPD day has been designed and developed by the PGA in response to a need identified by the ClubGolf team. This course is not a qualification and does not contain any assessment elements, but attendees will need to demonstrate clear understanding in each area covered in order to be considered able to deliver the ClubGolf Stage 2 programme.

Course Content

The course begins with the emphasis being placed on the new skills that will complement and enhance the skills learnt on the Level 1 course. On Level 1 the key 'how to coach' skills were

  • Creating a Fun session
  • Safety
  • Organisation
  • Instruction & Explanation
  • Demonstration
  • Observation
  • Analysis & Comparison
  • Feedback

In this CPD session coaches will learn about:

  • Questioning
  • Listening skills
  • Developing observation
  • Developing analysis

Alongside these skills coaches will be given more golf knowledge to aid their overall ability to effectively analyse a golfer and their performance. This will be supplied through new knowledge of:

  • Ball flight & ball flight laws
  • Basic motion analysis - what the impact factors look like in motion
  • Static analysis - how the set up affects the ball flight

The session would be set along the following guidelines:

  • At the start of a session a coach starts by questioning the player about a multitude of things relevant to their performance
  • They need to listen to the answers to develop an overall picture of the players needs
  • As well as asking questions, observations of ball flight must be made as well as observations on static positions and the basic swing motion
  • These skills will help the coach when delivering the Stage 2 programme to players with developing skills

Coaching Resources
All licensed coaches who successfully complete their Level 1 certificate will gain access to the ClubGolf Coach Support Hub

Ongoing Support for Coaches
The new ClubGolf Coach Support Hub will provide additional resources for all licensed coaches. ClubGolf have a team of Coach Developers offering coach support opportunities in your area. Speak to your ClubGolf Regional Manager to find out more about local opportunities.

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Level 1 Advance Course Information

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All coaches in the ClubGolf programme who successfully complete their Level 1 Certificate in Golf Coaching will receive a letter from the PGA Membership department inviting them to become a licensed coach.

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