Roving Pro Fund

This initiative has been established with funding through Scottish Golf and Ryder Cup Europe Limited. The Scottish Golf Roving Pro Fund has been created to support Scottish Golf clubs/facilities that do not have access to a PGA Professional to deliver the ClubGolf and/or Get into Golf programmes.

Who can apply?

Any golf clubs/facilities in Scotland delivering the ClubGolf programme who do not have access to a PGA Professional to deliver the ClubGolf programme at either Stage 1 or Stage 2. The fund is available to clubs who can deliver coaching using a Roving Pro over a five year period. Funding will be provided on a tapered basis over four years so that by year 5, a golf club/facility can continue to run the coaching programme using a completely self-sufficient model.

How can my club apply?

In order for the club/facility to access funding, a planning meeting needs to be held with your Scottish Golf Regional Club Development Officer.  This will ensure the key criteria can be met, and the long-term vision for delivery of coaching at the club can be evidenced. More details on the criteria can be found in the Guidance for Applicants and Application Form below.  

Please click here for the Roving Pro Guidance for Applicants 

Please click here for the Roving Pro Application form

What is the aim of the Roving Pro fund?

Short-term, the fund is there to ensure delivery of the ClubGolf programme across Scotland. However, the funding model is set up so that clubs can self-finance future coaching blocks by charging children a small fee to take part.

We have identified areas in which this need is greatest, where there are very few qualified Level 2 coaches and, as such, this is where the fund will be targeted.

It is hoped that, by allowing new clubs to host successful ClubGolf coaching blocks, money can be banked by that club to support future coaching delivery from The PGA Professional.

Do we need to find the PGA Professional to lead the coaching?

Scottish Golf has a list of PGA Professionals who have met the relevant criteria to be deployed as a ClubGolf Roving Pro. We can help assign a coach to deliver your ClubGolf programme, or you may know of a coach within your network who you would like to use.

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