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ClubGolf provides a fantastic way for PGA professionals to grow their business as well as additional qualifications and CPD points

Opportunities for PGA Pros

Delivery from stage 1
Specific delivery of Stage 3

Mentoring and support to volunteer coaches              

Opportunities for Assistant Pros

PGA professionals can deliver ClubGolf Stage 1 coaching on attainment of their Level 1 qualification, and Stage 2 coaching as soon as they have qualified at Level 2.

Find out more about opportunities for Assistant Professionals on the coaching pathway

ClubGolf provides a fantastic opportunity for PGA Pros. The programme aims to deliver young, eager beginners right to your practise range. If you're looking to grow your market, then you'll know that this new generation of golfers are a key part of your business plan.

So what can ClubGolf do for Pros?

  • ClubGolf helps clubs to find and develop golf club members of the future
  • Helps you establish links to local schools currently delivering the introductory programme
  • Creates paid coaching opportunities for PGA Professionals
  • Provides a structured pathway, with appropriate coaching resources and support
  • Offers materials to promote your coaching programmes

As the ClubGolf programme continues to develop across every area in Scotland, there are increasing opportunities for PGA Pros to get involved with Scotland's National Junior Golf Programme and we welcome your support.  To find out how to help sign up your club, click here

Development Centre Programme

Are you a motivated, dedicated PGA professional who has experience of coaching talented junior golfers, with a commitment to the holistic development of young players?  If so, the Development Centre Programme could be right up your street.  Click here to find out more 

Become a Roving Pro

The creation of the "Roving Pros Fund" will allow more clubs across the country to deliver more ClubGolf Stage 2 coaching blocks.  This fantastic new fund gives clubs the chance to apply for finance which will cover the initial cost of coaching blocks delivered by qualified and licensed PGA Professionals. Interested in becoming a Roving Pro?  Click here

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