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The aim of ClubGolf is to create a development pathway from entry level through to the highest levels of achievement, enabling increased access to golf, higher participation levels, improved standards of performance, and sustained growth in the future. Part of Scotland’s successful Ryder Cup bid, ClubGolf was born out of the Scottish Government’s pledge to introduce every child in Scotland to golf by age nine.

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A few stats

Since its launch in 2003 ClubGolf has seen over 140,000 children introduced to golf at school. Over 15% of those children then transition through to stage one coaching at one of 303 ClubGolf delivery centres across Scotland.  Please take a look at our latestStatus Report for the most up to date stats and figures.

Volunteer Coaches and PGA Pros

ClubGolf delivery consists of four stages which form part of theScottish Golf player pathway.

The early stages of these programmes depend on a large volunteer workforce, and 1,575 volunteer coaches, trained and qualified through thePGA Coach Education System, actively coached in 2011.

PGA Pros are encouraged to take part in all stages of the programme and they are an essential part ofStage 3 deliveryand beyond.


ClubGolf in Partnership

ClubGolf regional staff work in partnership with local authorities and Active Schools to deliver theintroductory programme in primary schools, and with golf clubs and facilities to deliver the three stages which comprise the ClubGolf core skills programme.

ClubGolf offers recommended equipment, coaching materials and ongoing support to participating centres. Our inclusive approach means we also work with golf clubs and facilities that offer or promote other development programmes which fit broadly with theClubGolf goalsand the player pathway.

ClubGolf has made some real achievements in recent years, and now aims to develop junior golf in Scotland further. Our vision to 2014 and beyond is set out inour strategy.

Getting your club involved with the ClubGolf programme is really easy and there’s plenty of help and support available to make sure you get up and running.

If your club committee is keen to sign up to the ClubGolf Programme and you're interested in becoming a volunteer coach then there are just a few stages to get you PGA qualified and ready to start coaching.

The ClubGolf Coach Support hub is coming soon and will be accessible to all ClubGolf coaches.

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