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A Scottish Golf Development Academy provides quality coaching, advice and assessment to bring out the best in aspiring young players across Scotland.

Ready to take your game to the next level?

The Scottish Golf Development Academy aims to meet the needs of young golfers in Scotland striving to reach their personal golfing potential.

The Scottish Golf Development Academy offers highly qualified coaching advice to bridge the step between ClubGolf stage two coaching and The Scottish Golf Performance Academy programme, although players do not have to be part of stage two to join the programme. Each academy is selected for the quality of its practice facilities and the access to some of Scotland’s top coaches.

95% of players enrolled in Scottish Golf Development Academy programmes in 2015/16 improved their handicap within four months of starting.

It is ideal for any golfer between the age of 11 and 20 with an official golf handicap who aspires to improve their game. Starting in September, the programme offers group golf coaching with additional non-technical coaching and education modules which are key to improving as a golfer including golf fitness, nutrition, psychology, course management, and goal setting.

The programme is delivered in three tiers depending upon age and handicap over 50 hours. As a player progresses through the tiers the programme will have additional benefits such as internal events, custom yardage planners and Scottish Golf Performance Academy coach involvement. A player centered approach is taken alongside a holistic programme delivering many life skills as well as golf specific training.

The 2015 & 2016 Scottish Boys champions, Will Porter & Eric McIntosh, took part in Development Academies before progressing to the Performance Academy to further their games

Each player is given supporting resources which their coach will guide them through and all programmes include taking part in national skills assessments in each area of the game to help players monitor their progress. Parents are also sent coaching progress reports.

The PGA professionals have been carefully selected to offer the best coaching possible for young golfers to progress their game. Their coaching, planning and reporting is regularly monitored and we work closely with them to help them develop even further as coaches, through specialised CPD and ongoing training.

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