Level 2 Coaches: Sharing Best Practice - Nairn Dunbar Golf Club

  • Description


    This workshop will give Level 2 Coaches the opportunity to share their coaching experiences, thoughts and ideas with their peers. During this workshop there will also be the opportunity for coaches to highlight specific areas they wish to develop in their coaching (planning, delivery & review) and a chance to address some of these development areas during the workshop to add to their coaching knowledge.

    Who is it for?

    Level2 Volunteer coaches, PGA Trainee Assistant Pro’s

    Why should I attend?

    It’s an opportunity to learn, develop and refresh your Level 2 coaching skills.

    Learning outcomes:

    By the end of this workshop coaches will be able to:

    1. Share good practice amongst other likeminded coaches

    2. Learn how to apply new coaching ideas in practice

    3. Create a personalised development plan based on level 2 coaching capabilities

    4. Begin to address some key capabilities identified on their person development plan

    Length of Workshop: 

    3 Hours

  • Club

    Nairn Dunbar Golf Club
  • Region

  • Start

    28 Feb 2016
  • End

    28 Feb 2016
  • Time

    13:30 - 16:30
  • Girls/Boys

    over 16
  • Age Group

    over 16
  • Handicap Required

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