Safeguarding & Protecting Children Training - Kings Acre GC

  • Description

    The Safeguarding & Protecting Children course is an essential requirement of becoming a ClubGolf coach and all volunteers must attend this course before they can apply for their PGA coach licence. It is a short 3 hour course that has been developed and certificated by Sports Coach UK.

    By the end of the course candidates will be able to:

    1.  Identify and recognise good coaching practice and the implications for your coaching

    2.  Explore your values and feelings in relation to child abuse, and recognise their potential impact on your response

    3.  Recognise and respond to possible signs of child abuse

    4.  Take appropriate action if concerns about a child arise

    Cost: £20

  • Club

    Kings Acre Academy and Golf Course
  • Region

  • Start

    10 Feb 2016
  • End

    10 Feb 2016
  • Time

    18:00 - 21:00
  • Girls/Boys

    over 16
  • Age Group

    over 16
  • Handicap Required

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