Planning for Fun Workshop - Elmwood Golf Club

  • Description


    This workshop will teach you how to plan a fun based coaching programme.

    Who is it for? 

    Volunteer coaches, helpers, PGA Pros    

    Why should I attend? 

    You will learn how to increase the enjoyment of your sessions for players through incorporating key skills into fun games. You will also leave with a ten week coaching programme planned out which focuses on progressive skill development in a fun environment.

    Learning outcomes:

    By the end of this workshop coaches will be able to:

    1. Plan a ten week coaching programme which develops fundamental golfing skills in a progressive and fun way

    2. Identify the key components of a fun based coaching session

    3. Explore the revised ClubGolf resources

    4. Share ideas and good practice amongst like-minded coaches


    Length of Workshop: 

    3 Hours

  • Club

    Elmwood Golf Society
  • Region

    Tayside and Fife
  • Start

    22 Mar 2016
  • End

    22 Mar 2016
  • Time

    18:15 - 21:15
  • Girls/Boys

    TV viewing
  • Age Group

    over 16
  • Handicap Required

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