Disability Golf Coaching Workshop - Mearns Castle Golf Academy

  • Description


    This highly practical workshop will provide coaches with the knowledge and confidence to support and coach disabled golfers.

    Who is it for?

    Volunteer coaches, Helpers, PGA Pros

    Why should I attend?

    To improve your knowledge of coaching disabled golfers.

    Learning outcomes:

    By the end of this workshop coaches will be able to:

    1. Reflect on your coaching skills and how these meet the needs of disabled golfers

    2. Make appropriate modifications and adaptations to support disabled golfers

    3. Consider the needs of different disabilities within a golf setting

    4. Integrating all participants in an inclusive golf session

    Length of Workshop: 

    3 hours

  • Club

    Mearns Castle Golf Academy
  • Region

    Greater Glasgow
  • Start

    11 May 2016
  • End

    11 May 2016
  • Time

    18:15 - 21:15
  • Girls/Boys

    over 16
  • Age Group

    over 16
  • Handicap Required

  • Booking Info

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