Langholm rolls out mats to welcome junior golfers

Langholm Golf Club has received a boost thanks to funding which will enable them to improve training facilities for their junior members.

Langholm Development Funding

The Dumfriesshire club has been awarded £484 through the ClubGolf Development Fund to buy two training mats for their driving range. The new mats will be used in delivering the ClubGolf coaching programme, whatever the weather. 
The award covers 50% of the £968 project which also includes the purchase of practice balls and prizes for junior competitions, and will assist ClubGolf volunteer coach David Johnstone in attending a Level 1 CPD course, ahead of his undertaking level 2 training at a later stage.
He said: “We got two mats last year and needed another two this year. It’s a great help especially with the Scottish weather. If we didn’t have the covered four-bay driving range, the children would either get wet or we would have to cancel sessions so this means we can still do coaching and practicing in bad weather.
“It is a great benefit to the junior section and the club that we have these up-to-date mats which are much easier to hit off as they have a bit of give in them compared to the old mats.”
The ClubGolf Development Fund supports clubs and facilities engaged with the national junior programme with the aim of accelerating progress in introducing more children to golf in a fun and structured environment. Eligible projects include the purchase of equipment to enable coaching and year-round activity.
Ann Lang, ClubGolf Regional Manager for South Scotland, said: “The ClubGolf Development Fund has helped Langholm to engage more with their existing and new junior members as they managed to purchase equipment for their small practice area to deliver their coaching programme.”
“Langholm Golf Club members should be very proud of the commitment they have shown to junior golf over the past year.  Junior Convenor and Level 1 coach David Johnstone understands the importance of encouraging youngsters and families to enjoy the game.  He has really embraced working with the schools network and then relished the opportunity to invite schools back to the club for a golf festival and coaching.”
Langholm currently has around 70 adult and 24 junior members some of whom were lucky enough to attend The Ryder Cup last month. Weekly ClubGolf coaching sessions take place between April and mid-September. The club keeps its subs low to encourage as many of the town’s youngsters to take part in the sport.

Langholm juniors

David continued: “For under15s, it only costs £20 to join, and from the age of 16 to 18, it is £75. With the ClubGolf initiative at the start of the season offering juniors £20 off their first club membership, it meant we could offer children their first year for free. This year we had three new members, and last year we had 16, and 13 of those joined again this year.”
Ann added: “It’s great to see Langholm Golf Club develop in this way as only last year they only had a handful of juniors and now have over 20.  It’s a pleasure working with this club and David Johnstone, as it’s evident they are keen and eager to improve upon their coaching programme and to attract more juniors through the local schools and the community.”
The ClubGolf Development Fund has been established to support clubs and facilities engaged with the national junior programme with the aim of accelerating progress in introducing more children to golf in a fun and structured environment, building the foundations for the future health of our clubs.
  The list of eligible projects is includes:
  •            Year-Round Activity (e.g. ClubGolf related Winter activity)
  •            Coaching (purchase of equipment to enable coaching activity at clubs, accommodation for volunteers attending Level 2 coach education)
Excluded: cost of coach education

    •          Junior Membership Activity (junior membership for convenors, junior membership for parents) and Development Plans
  •            Events (travel costs to get children and convenors to major spectator events e.g. Scottish Open)
For more information, please contact your ClubGolf Regional Manager

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