Team behind the team: Brodie and Dave Allen

Twenty eight Scottish Golf Development Centre players have been chosen, along with the person they felt has inspired them, to be official score board holders at The Ryder Cup 2014. We present the stories from “The team behind the Team”.


Brodie Allen, 16, is a member of Elgin Golf Club. In the three years he has been playing golf, his handicap has dropped from 41 to 13 at the start of this season, which he has now reduced to an amazing 6.5.He has just gone into sixth year at Elgin High School where he’s studying business management, biology, physics, and engineering science.

He would like to pursue a career in golf, and his dream is to make it as a tour professional. It will depend on his final grades as to which route he takes, but he’ll do whatever it takes to be involved in the sport, whether  in a pro shop or as a green keeper -“anything so I can work in golf”.

Brodie also took part in the Development Centre programme at Elgin Golf Club.

He said: “Over the winter coaching sessions, I got more consistent with my irons which helped me in my game. I worked on my swing technique – I had been taking the club back too much on the inside, so having that corrected by the club golf coach has made a big difference.

Looking ahead to The Ryder Cup, Brodie said: “I can’t wait to be honest. I’m a little bit nervous as well – being in front of so many people. I don’t know what to expect. I would definitely like to see Rory McIlroy there – he’s my favourite player as I think he’s got by far the best swing. It’s amazing how far he hits the ball, but I really like the fact that he has time for the fans as well.

“A couple of my friends are also going just to watch The Ryder Cup on one of the days. They’re really jealous but also happy for me.”

Brodie nominated his father Dave to carry board with him at The Ryder Cup.

“As a serving member of the armed forces, my father spends so much time away from home. I would love to be able to take him to his favourite sporting event.”

Dave has served in the Royal Air Force for 27 years, 16 of those at RAF Kinloss, Scotland flying on the Nimrod MR2 aircraft as an operator and a Captain before taking various appointments which have meant living away from the family. He has spent seven of the last nine years working away from his wife and their three sons, either on operations or working at strategic headquarters in London. Dave insists that his wife Mel is the real hero for bringing up their three sons on her own for the majority of the time.

Time at home is therefore precious and has to be carefully balanced, and in the little time he has to spare, Dave enjoys playing golf off 12, often with Brodie and their other sons Harry, aged 13, and 10 year-old Finlay. Mel does not play golf, but enjoys the peace and quiet when she has the house to herself. 

Dave said: “Despite being the worse golfer in the family, the opportunity golf offers to spend quality time with the kids is fantastic and it is any golfing father’s dream to have a ready-made four ball at home!”

“Brodie has really taken to golf and it is clear how much he loves it. He has got so much from the game and it is great to see him develop as a player and mature as a young man.

“He assists the club professional Michael McAllan who has been incredibly supportive, and this is very beneficial for Brodie as he is hoping to make a career in golf. Obviously his ambition is to make it as competing professional, but if that doesn’t work out, there are other careers and opportunities in golf. He’s getting a good appreciation of what the sport can offer.

“Elgin Golf Club’s Junior Convenor, Louise Marshall is fantastic – the amount of time and effort she puts in is phenomenal and it is down to her ,and the other volunteers, that Elgin Junior section is going from strength to strength.

“Getting into golf, I didn’t realise I’d like it so much, as I’m used to playing team sports such as Rugby. I guess that’s why the Ryder Cup is so appealing.  But there’s no hiding place on the golf course so it can be brutal in its own way. You find out a lot about yourself both physically, but more than anything, mentally.

Dave was surprised and delighted by Brodie’s nomination to be a carry boarder at The Ryder Cup. He said: “I can remember saying two years ago to Brodie that the Ryder Cup is my favourite sporting event because it has it all.  Europe against USA is always going to be fiercely competitive but there is an underlying sportsmanship and respect that is not always apparent in other team events. The crowd is able to get so close to the action it adds to the atmosphere.

 “For me, it’s incredibly special to spend this time at The Ryder Cup with Brodie, but perhaps not so much for my 16 year-old son to be with me! To spend that time with my son at my favourite sporting event will be amazing.”

 “For me, it’s incredibly special to spend this time at The Ryder Cup with Brodie, but perhaps not so much for my 16 year-old son to be with me! To spend that time with my son at my favourite sporting event will be amazing.”


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