Team behind the team: Cameron and Stephen Bruce

“Ever since I was old enough to understand how competitive golf worked, I have wanted to represent Europe in The Ryder Cup.”


For this week at least, Cameron Bruce will be at The Ryder Cup, representing ClubGolf as one of the team behind The Ryder Cup teams.

The 16 year-old from Cullen has been playing golf as long as he can remember. Currently in sixth year at Buckie High, Cameron has also been learning through the Scottish Golf Development Centre programme at Elgin.

He said: “I loved it! It was the first time I’d properly had a lesson so it opened my eyes up to everything - the technical side, stretches, warming up properly, just all the little things that can go wrong. I’ve tried to use it this season and I hope to go back this year.”

His involvement in the winter coaching programme has proved more fruitful than even Cameron would have imagined, as he was one of the lucky few chosen to carry the match boards at Gleneagles, around a course he has played before.

“I couldn’t believe it, when I read the email. I thought I’d just put my name down and when I got the email back and couldn’t believe it.  It’ll be magic to see the players - how much better they play, and it’ll be like having front row seats.

“I’ve been to The Open and Scottish Open a couple of times. Live golf is so much better than on TV - just the atmosphere, seeing the players there, it’s a different feel.  I am definitely looking forward to being up close to the players and seeing it as they see it. My friends are all extremely jealous and trying to sign up for the next one!”

Cameron is taking his dad Stephen with him.  Stephen is a tool pusher on a semi-submergible rig and will finish his three-week shift just in time for the practice days. He has been a member of Cullen Golf Club all his life, and when back on shore, he often plays with Cameron and his other son Robbie, who is 15.

He said: “I take the boys all over the country. Gleneagles is excellent to play - we’ve played the King’s, Queen’s and the PGA Championship courses. I can’t wait to see how the professionals play the game properly there.

“I have watched every Ryder Cup growing up and as an adult and I got the boys into watching it as well. They love it! Robbie is coming down to one of the practice days with a bus load from ClubGolf at Cullen. We’re just going to stand and wave at them!

“The guys on the rig are extremely jealous and when I’m offshore, I’ll wind them up even more and just add fuel to the fire!”

While Cameron may not yet be at the stage of representing Europe in The Ryder Cup, he is delighted with his teammate for the 2014 tournament. He concluded:

“It’ll be fantastic sharing this with my dad. Growing up, I thought he was the best golfer in the world!”

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