Team behind the Team: David and Ian Boath

South Queensferry's David Boath is part of the Team behind the Team at The Ryder Cup 2014.


David Boath has just started fifth year at Queensferry High School, and like many other 16 year-olds, recently got his exam results which he modestly described as okay. Those happily included an A in cooking which he is passionate about, and he enjoys working on Saturdays in Craigie’s Farm Deli and Café near his home in South Queensferry.

He also enjoys playing golf competitively, for Dundas Parks Golf Club junior teams and his school. He took part in the Development Centre programme which began last October at Kingsfield Golf Centre under coach David Patrick, which he says was a great experience.

 “I used to play though not regularly, but have played a lot over the last four years.  David Patrick is a specialist in the short game, so I learnt about bunker play, chipping, putting, and being able to read the greens more accurately. The bunker shots in particular helped an awful lot, getting the ball out first attempt.”

He also enjoys watching competitive golf, and has been to the third round of the Scottish Open at Castle Stuart. But getting the chance to be involved at Gleneagles is completely different to his experience on the other side of the ropes.

He said: “It’s a once in a lifetime experience. I was surprised to be chosen to go The Ryder Cup as a scoreboard carrier. I’m nervous but excited at the same time. I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to go to a Ryder Cup ever again, so it’s an amazing chance to get and be able to tell your kids about over the years.

“I’d really love to see Rory McIlroy – he’s just world class and a great role model - or Sergio Garcia. He can be very serious but is also very enthusiastic.

“I want to take my papa to pay him back for all his trust and care over the years and it’s a chance to say thank. He has spent loads of time with me at his club and at mine and has helped me develop my game. It will be a fantastic experience for both of us.”

It was David’s Grandfather Ian who first got him into golf. A former electrical contractor, Ian retired five years ago and now leads a “3G life” - gardening, golf and grandchildren, though not necessarily in that order! He is a keen member of Scotscraig Golf Club in Tayport where he plays twice a week.

He said:  “I’m not a brilliant golfer but I enjoy it. David got his first half set of clubs from his grandpa and bit by bit he played nine holes then up to 18 at Scotscraig. I always encouraged him and am proud of him reducing his handicap from 36 to 20 in 18 months.

“It was a total surprise by to be nominated as a carry boarder by him. I knew nothing of it until I got an email from Clubgolf. Brilliant! I’m very proud of him and it is wonderful he asked me to join him.

“I’ve never been to a Ryder Cup although I’ve been to Senior Opens and Opens at St Andrews and Carnoustie. Watching on TV is wonderful, but being there with the atmosphere will be amazing.”

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