ClubGolf in Schools

ClubGolf in primary schools follows a six-week programme designed to give children aged nine a first introduction to golf in primary school. It is designed as a fun activity using colourful, modified golf equipment.

ClubGolf in primary schools is delivered to P5 children in curriculum time by class teachers or suitably trained and disclosed volunteers. Your local Active Schools Coordinator can help with training opportunities. If you are a teacher interested in finding out more, you should ask your Head Teacher for details.

Children will learn some basic golfing skills and terms. They will receive a positive first experience of golf, and an opportunity to progress on to a ClubGolf Stage 1 programme at a local golf club or facility.

To find out more on becoming a ClubGolf deliverer in primary schools, please contact your Regional School & Community Officer via the link below:

> Regional School & Community Officer North - Fraser Crawford

> Regional School & Community Officer - East - Martin Ritchie

> Regional School & Community Officer - West - Ann Lang


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