Coaching in Clubs

ClubGolf coaching in clubs has three main stages, helping your child to reach their potential and enjoy their golf

Golf in Clubs

Children can progress to ClubGolf coaching at a local golf club or facility to help them reach their potential and enjoy their golf. The programme is led by PGA professional coaches and PGA qualified volunteer coaches.

  • Stage One includes putting, chipping and the full swing and also gives a fundamental understanding of the game including rules and etiquette in the first year. Year two builds on the skills learned in the first year, with pitching and bunker play added to the programme.
  • Stage Two introduces more complex concepts including shot-making skills, course management and how to deal with different situations on the golf course. Children will expect to develop their skills and attain a CONGU handicap, as well as a range of associated life skills including respect, integrity and self-motivation.

If you are a club and wish to find out more about delivering ClubGolf, please contact you Regional Club Development Officer.

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