Junior Membership

“I loved being a junior member. It was a great way to meet other young golfers, play lots of competitions and get my handicap down. I’m glad that my parents encouraged me to get the most out of my membership.” Kylie Walker, Ladies European Tour professional

Affordable, fun and keeping your kids active. 

Hundreds of day’s worth of action in one junior membership!
Being a golf club member is a great way for your child to feel part of a club community and enjoy a lively social life.  

The club environment helps your child to progress their golf and develop important life skills too!

Health benefits

Playing golf is a great way for your child to stay active, setting them up for a healthy future:

• Improve fitness
• Reduce cholesterol
• Maintain a healthy heart
• Achieve a good night’s sleep

Great value, great fun

The average cost of an annual junior golf club membership is just £67. Compare that to the cost of organised football or swimming sessions and you’re actually onto a real winner. With more and more young people playing golf, junior coaching available and competitions to enter and enjoy, there are plenty of ways for your child to benefit from being a golf club member.

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