Development Centre Blog: Jennifer Allan

Development Centre coaching has now begun, with hundreds of youngsters honing their skills in time for the 2014 golf season. We caught up with Kingsfield student Jennifer Allan to find out how much she's looking forward to coaching this year.

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Name: Jennifer Allan
Age: 16
Handicap: 7
Club: Glenbervie GC
Development Centre: Kingsfield Golf Centre
Favourite Golfer: Ian Poulter

'I was surprised at just how much my game improved over the winter'

This morning (Sunday, November 20) was my assessment at Kingsfield Golf Centre with David Pat-rick, my coach. This is my second year with the Development Squad and today I found out just how many problems and issues I actually had with my game at the beginning of coaching last winter. I was amazed to see how much I have improved since then and how I have managed to get better with most of them.

I began my coaching last winter, with a handicap of 12 and David, following my first assessment, brought me back to basic golfing techniques, stripping me of some of my bad habits and improving my balance and posture. 

Over the coming months, I enjoyed going along to Kingsfield where David spent time with us all, both in a group but also on our own, helping me to focus and improve. My short game was shock-ing - and with help I was taught drills and skills to work on, not only on the course but at home. 

David tells you as it is and if you work at what he asks you to do, you do actually see a difference. The drills are hard and frustrating. We are not allowed to 'give up', we are not allowed to tell Da-vid what we really think of him but we do have fun and lots of laughs.

The winter last year wasn't kind to us at all and, although some Sundays were cancelled, we still managed to catch up in time for the golf season starting up in April.  When I took part in my first Club Medal I was surprised at just how much my game had improved over the winter. I very quick-ly managed to get my handicap down and finished this year with it at 7.

This morning David took time with me again to go over my goals and thoughts for this winter's training and, along with the Trackman results, I now have an idea of what we will be working on this winter. 

I have learnt, if nothing else, that putting into practice what I have been told to  change does actu-ally help and spent a couple of hours this afternoon on the course trying out my new posture. It felt really strange and awkward but it did make an improvement and I know from last year that if I continue to practice then, hopefully, I will manage to lower my handicap further.


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