Moore backing new junior programme at Cloybank

Top Scottish amateur golfer, Fraser Moore, is teaching ClubGolf to the next generation of youngsters at Cloybank Estate at Banknock, and improving his own game as a result.

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The +2 handicapper from Falkirk has been coaching children at Cloybank, one of the newest facilities to deliver the national junior golf programme, ClubGolf.

"I really enjoy coaching youngsters and it's actually been good for my own game too," said Moore, who will attend Tour School in 2013 as part of his plan to become a professional player.

"It's good to take your golf right back to the basics, such as gripping the clubs and standing in the right way, which is what I'm doing here with the kids.

"Whilst coaching them I have surprised myself by finding out things about my own game which I need to improve on."

The ClubGolf programme is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is supporting the development of golf at a community level in Scotland for the next three years. Its sponsorship, endorsed by 18-time Major champion Jack Nicklaus, also features the RBS Junior Club of the Year Awards, which rewards clubs making an outstanding contribution to the game at the grass roots.

Cloybank Estate opened just two years ago, aiming to attract 2000 school children a year to its Golf Academy. The R&A lent its support by donating 16 bags of Taylor Made junior clubs. ClubGolf is supporting the venture and earlier this summer Regional Manager Mandy Martin provided a solution for the lack of qualified coaches by introducing Level 1 trained Fraser Moore.

Now, by offering ClubGolf coaching Cloybank has a structured programme to coach complete beginners through to a good level.

"We want to make this the number one coaching facility for juniors in Scotland," said Cloybank's owner John Penman.

"And we are making it as accessible and affordable as humanly possible for children to play here and Fraser is making a huge difference.

"Our ClubGolf coaching has been a big success and we will be expanding it to get as many kids in as possible and to help that we will be getting more ClubGolf coaches on board."

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Having a new ClubGolf delivery centre available is great news for both ClubGolf and sportscotland's Active Schools network who are working together with local schools to introduce every Primary 5 child to golf.

"This has been a very successful trial," said Active Schools Co-ordinator Jen Cairns.

"It's great to have Cloybank on board and delivering ClubGolf, creating a great base of skill and knowledge at the Academy for children to be lifelong participators in golf.

"Fraser is a great role model for these kids, someone who has played at the top level who they can look up to and aspire to be like.

"This is a great partnership programme and we look forward to continuing to work with them and increasing the number of children in coaching."

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