Muckhart kids get a space of their own

The 2013 golf season has yet to get into full swing, but already things are looking bright for kids at Muckhart Golf Club with the installation of a new meeting and social space.

Thanks to a £3,829 grant from The Clackmannanshire and Stirling Environmental Trust and £4,146 donated by Awards for All - Scotland, the club was able to purchase a new portakabin, which juniors are being invited to take full advantage of.

As well as practical uses, such as the storage of equipment, the facility will provide the function of a designated gathering space for the club's thriving junior section.

The official opening of the new portakabin was carried out by Ross White, Muckhart Junior Golf Champion and Junior Captain, assisted by Ian Hill, Finlay Hamilton, Jack Naitby, Brenna Phillips and Craig Robinson. The golden key was then handed over to the Club Captain, Alan Bruce.

Now ready for use, it is set to become an important asset to the club in enhancing the experience of children making their first steps in the game.

The facility has already been earmarked for wide-ranging uses throughout the golf season, especially during periods of bad weather.

Jan King, a key member of the club's coaching workforce, said: "The issue we had was when it was very wet; we had nowhere to take the kids. With the portakabin now in place, we can do putting practice, we can hold quizzes and we have video training that we can give them.

"We also have to store quite a significant amount of equipment, which is used in coaching our juniors, so we can keep that in there, as the portakabin is positioned right next to the practice area.

"Previously, we had a portakabin that leaked badly and was mainly used to store equipment and sometimes by the greenkeepers. The new facility will be exclusively for the juniors."

A place to shelter from unfavourable conditions will be particularly beneficial to Muckhart's Primary After School Club, which offers free-of-charge coaching between 3.30-4.30pm on Thursdays during the summer months.

It will also aid the club in its delivery of Scotland's national junior programme, ClubGolf. Muckhart has been actively involved in the delivery of ClubGolf for seven years and now boasts 127 junior members and, equally importantly, a dedicated team of 19 volunteer coaches and helpers, which is in place to deliver all stages of the programme.

The club has also taken up the innovative approach of offering free golf tuition on its 27-hole golf course to its junior membership during the summer, with equipment available for those just starting out.

Youngsters are also offered access to a structured Academy programme and competitive play through fun 'Flag' competitions, providing a great opportunity for young people wishing to take up the game.

"The key thing that has helped us to grow our junior membership has been engaging with the children socially and the members have been very welcoming of this," added King.

"Indeed, many of them have provided equipment for the portakabin so that it is fully kitted out for the start of the golf season, which shows how welcoming the club is to juniors.

"We all work very hard to improve our standards so we can enhance the experience for children. The directors of the club are very positive when it comes to being involved with young people and this has been a big advantage for us."

To find out more about joining Muckhart Golf Club's Junior Development Programme, contact Club Secretary Jim Kean on 01259 781423.



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