New: 'Pro of the Month'

In our new ‘Pro of the Month’ feature, we'll find out more about Scotland’s top kids’ coaches and how they hope to create our next generation of stars. In this edition, we talk to Glenbervie PGA Pro and Development Centre Coach Steven Rosie.

Name: Steven Rosie
Club: Glenbervie
Development Centre: Glenbervie
Years coaching: Over 20 years

Q. What approach do you take to coaching?

SR: In my coaching, I look to achieve long-term player development through a holistic coaching process matched to the player's needs. Therefore, I don't only look at my pupils' swings or particular swing faults, but try and tailor my coaching to all of their physical and mental characteristics.

Q. What is your proudest moment as a coach?

SR: Watching on as Craig Lee almost won the Omega European Masters in Switzerland last year. He was eventually beaten in a play-off with Thomas Bjorn but it was fantastic to see all of the hard work you have put in with a student over the years really pay off. I have worked with Craig since his days on the Tartan Tour and have seen him progress all the way to the top 60 of the European Tour Race to Dubai ranking, of which I am immensely proud.

Q. What do you enjoy most about coaching juniors?

SR: I enjoy coaching a wide range of people but find that both myself and the pupil enjoy it most when they are willing to listen, learn and work hard. Those are the key characteristics that make a great student.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you can give a young golfer looking to improve this year?

SR: Try to keep some statistics about how you play. So take note of how many drives hit the fairway, how many greens you hit with your approach shots, how many times you get up and down and how many putts you take. These results may well show you the areas of your game you need to develop to reach your goals.

Q. What's the best thing about being a Development Centre Coach?

SR: It's great to be able to share knowledge and experience and to offer guidance to young golfers. It is really satisfying to do that and then watch them improve.

Q. What are the greatest benefits for your students of being part of the Development Centre at Glenbervie?

SR: The fact that the children are able to use the terrific facilities we have here at Glenbervie Golf Club during the winter is a massive benefit. They can also take a great deal from the Development Centre coaching programme in that they are involved in structured coaching sessions which encompass all aspects of the game. I think this will show itself in their standard of play on the course when the new season starts.

Q. What is your top tip for the month?
SR: If you're looking for extra length from the tee, pay attention to where the ball is striking the clubface. Ideally, it should be in the middle of the driver. If the strike is too much towards the heel or the toe the distance will be reduced and there will be an increase in curvature of the flight. Striking the ball too low or too high on the clubface can give an inefficient flight and cost distance. For best results, right in the middle or a few millimetres towards the top of the club is good. To monitor this in practice, simply use inexpensive clubface tape, which will show the strike point. You can achieve the same effect by applying some foot deodorant or a thin layer of lipstick to the face of the club. 


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