Newburgh volunteers victorious at Gleneagles

An army of ClubGolf volunteer coaches descended on Gleneagles on Sunday 13 October to compete in a special pro-am competition over the Queens Course.


Organised to reward coaches for the time they have generously contributed to Scotland's national junior golf programme over the summer, the event saw three representatives from 30 ClubGolf clubs team up with a PGA Professional.

Though a friendly contest at heart, competition was fierce with Newburgh on Ythan and their professional, Ross Dennison (Inverness Golf Club), emerging victorious with 85 Stableford points.

With the best two scores from each team counting on each hole, Newburgh's Norma Clubb, Brian Cummings and Shane Jakeman performed excellently to hold off a quartet of teams tied on 83 points.

Delighted by becoming the country's top ClubGolf coaches, at least from a playing perspective, Newburgh on Ythan member Clubb said:  "Sunday at Gleneagles was a fantastic day. The Queens is a wonderful course and it was presented in excellent condition.

"I can honestly say we didn't expect to win. We thought our score would be competitive but we were genuinely surprised to learn we'd won. It's a great way to finish our season.

"It was a real team effort with everyone contributing. One of our team, Shane, had just flown back from Houston and had an inspired turn about the turn but jet-lag got to him in the end. Our pro, Ross was a lovely guy and a great source of encouragement.

"It is really good of ClubGolf to organise events like this. It's sometimes difficult to find the time for playing as a volunteer but this certainly makes it worthwhile. We try and spread the opportunities to go to these events around all our coaches as they definitely make you feel valued."

As pleased as Clubb was to pick up the silverware on the day, the greatest reward from his perspective is witnessing the continuing development of youngsters progressing under the guidance of ClubGolf volunteers.

"Whilst there are many aspects of being a ClubGolf volunteer coach that are enjoyable, no doubt the most rewarding aspect is watching the improvement in young golfers and the enthusiasm they have for the game.

"Our first batch of youngsters have just completed Stage 1 and the development in them has been great and they are different golfers now to what they were two years ago."

ClubGolf Regional Manager for the Central Region, Mandy Martin, who was in charge of organising the Gleneagles volunteer event, said: "The Gleneagles Pro-Am was a great finale to a fantastic summer of events and another year of ClubGolf activity.

"As a ClubGolf partner and venue at the heart of Scottish Golf, Gleneagles was a fantastic venue . It provided a great opportunity for our volunteers to play a top-class course at a top-class venue.
"The volunteers are a vital part of our programme, without them ClubGolf would not be what it is today. They are instrumental in ClubGolf and junior golf development across Scotland. They are helping Scottish Golf create a legacy from the 2014 Ryder Cup."


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