5 Reasons to Pick Up Golf as an Adult

Golf is very different from any other sport out there. Unlike other games, you are attempting to reach the lowest score, rather than trying to fight for points. It requires not only a unique set of equipment but comfortable, stylish clothes and shoes. It may seem odd when looking from the outside in, but offers a wide array of benefits that other sports out there cannot even come close.

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The Top 5 Benefits of Playing Golf as an Adult

Most professional players start playing golf at a very young age. However, this doesn’t mean it’s too late to pick up the sport even at a ripe age. Perhaps you won’t take your new endeavor to the pros, but it comes with plenty of other personal benefits.

1. It’s Good for Your Physique

Walking is well-known to be very healthy, regardless of age. By playing golf, you may have to walk more than five miles, over small hills, in different terrain pushing or carrying a bag. This alone is a fantastic workout that burns more than 2,000 calories depending on the course you are playing, according to the information found here. Though some opt for a golf cart, you still get a workout using core muscles, legs, and arms when swinging.

2. Gives your Brain a Workout Too

Although golf can be somewhat physical with all the walking and swinging, it is actually 90% mental. It is one very long mental exercise that pushes you to think and focus continually. Unlike other games, it’s not about speed, but instead carefully calculating each shot. It is also known to relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. Making it as beneficial as any meditation technique.

3. Improves your Social Life

In a world where our communication with other people comes down to messages on the phone, a real face-to-face social life is essential. This game attracts a variety of enjoyable, successful, and friendly individuals that often come on their own. When this happens, usually, they are paired with others, allowing for new acquaintances. As everyone has something in common, it will be easy to strike up a conversation.

4. Ability to Play Regardless of Age

Unlike other sports that become too tiring and extreme as one ages, golf is a sport that puts a lot less physical pressure on the body. It causes little damage and stress to muscles and joints, all the while still giving you a workout. This makes it the ideal sport to play even at an older age.

5. Be Surrounded by Nature

A course can spread over acres of land with an abundance of wildlife, animals, and trees. By partaking in golf, you also take part in conservation as courses quickly become a natural habitat for a variety of animals, birds, and fauna to thrive. Plus, it is a well-known fact that spending time in nature is very beneficial for mental health.

This list may be short, but there are many more benefits that we are confident you will discover once you start playing. The best part is that regardless if you are a beginner or expert golfer, you will experience and enjoy each of these benefits.