Reducing Variance in your Golf Betting Strategy

If you are just starting out with wagering on golf, the easiest to understand betting strategy is betting on the outright winner. It’s simply choosing who you think will win the tournament. Of course, nothing comes that easy, and with more than 140 players at the start of each tournament, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

With this in mind, there is a lot of variance with Golf betting. Long-time golf bettors are used to the wait and have experience in the research, but newcomers to the golf betting world are skeptical about the chances of loss. So below, we’ve put together some tips to help reduce variance in your golf betting strategy.

1. Every Tournament Make Outright Winner Bets

By dropping your bets to just one winning player favored to win a tourney just won’t cut it. To increase your chances of winning, spread your bets around several outright winners.

Everyone has a different strategy as to how they go about this. Some choose to focus on several players in a tournament and hope the winner is among them. Some bettors select one sure professional and several that have mid-range odds. Whatever you choose your strategy to be, just make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

2. Field Bets are Important

A field bet is an excellent addition to your strategy. By placing a field bet you win if the golfer you have selected is placed in the top three spots within the tournament. The payout won’t be huge, but a small win is better than none.

Some sportsbooks also have field bets for golfers placing in the top 5 or even top 10 in a PGA tournament. If you do the legwork and research, you may have a pretty high chance of winning.

3. Go With One-On-One Bets

Making one-on-one bets is the ideal means of reducing variance. These are the top percentage golf bets and a useful arsenal for your golf betting strategy.

The Ryder Cup offers plenty of one-on-one betting opportunities. There are also options for tournaments where you bet on who finishes higher between two players. You have a 50% chance to walk away with a win.

4. Don’t Overlook Proposition Bets

There are many PGA bets, but don’t overlook the possibility of proposition bets. They offer a unique chance to make a profit as they usually encompass a small selection of players. You can also use a Ladbrokes promo code, for instance.

5. Don’t Stop Researching

Following someone else’s golf betting strategy doesn’t do the trick. As you gain more experience and as you improve your research, you will quickly start to build an individual plan based on how you want to bet. However, until then, the best way to achieve this is by continuously studying different strategies, researching, and digging until you form your own.

Wrap Up

As with all sports betting, knowing the sport and participants inside and out is the best way to go. This takes time and a lot of research. This is why the bettors with the most research under their belt are the ones that make the long-term money wins. By building your strategy based on research and knowledge, with time experience will guide you.